1. “When someone doesn’t appreciate my humor.”

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  3. “When I realize I’ve been listening to ‘BANGERZ’ on Spotify without switching on ‘Private’ mode.”

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  5. “When a friend tells me they are getting a tattoo ‘because they’re bored.’ ”


  6. “When my mother counts— and judges— the amount of alcohol I’ve consumed in her presence.”

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  8. “When someone gets 89 likes on an FB status about their child.”


  9. “When someone touches my hair.”

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  11. “When the Sarah McLauchlin injured dog commercial comes on TV .”

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  13. “When I read my high school yearbooks.”

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  15. “When I get told I haven’t met the ‘Right One’ yet.”


  16. “When I attempt the “cat eye” liner look.”

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  18. “When I realize my new lip gloss purchase has a very pleasant smell.”


  19. “When I have to buy pants in European sizing.”

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  21. “When I spend way too long picking an Instagram filter.”

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  23. “When my friend told me she wouldn’t judge how much I had to drink if I didn’t judge how much she had to eat.”

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  25. “When I get a new Pinterest follower.”